Only son took his mother's life by beating her, father did this

Narnaul: The mother who fed her milk and brought up her son, the only son beat his mother to death. He also injured his father. This Kalyugi incident took place in the evening in Mandlana, a village near Narnaul. Here the quarrelsome son also injured his father. On getting information about the case, the police, who reached the spot, overpowered the accused youth and took her to the hospital. It is being told that 60-year-old Mewa Devi and Ratan Singh Yadav have the son Anil Yadav, who is about 28 years old.

He is of a quarrelsome nature and he has been raising his hands on his parents day in and day out. Not only this, but his parents also got him married, but his wife also left him due to this beating and quarrelsome nature. Till now, the three were staying at home, but in the meantime, there was a quarrel over something on Saturday and the son assaulted his parents. It is being told that Mewa Devi died at home around 5-6 pm in this attack, while father Ratan Singh Yadav was injured.

During this time, the people of the neighbourhood saw this incident and informed the police about it. The police, who reached the spot, took necessary action and nabbed the accused Anil and took possession of his mother's body and took her to the civil hospital for post-mortem. Anil, the youth accused in the case, has also been taken to the hospital and has also confessed to killing his mother by beating her to death in front of the police.

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