Son kept raping and the mother was making videos and then started the real game

Sep 18 2019 01:20 PM
Son kept raping and the mother was making videos and then started the real game

Recently, a case of crime has surfaced from Balodabazar. In fact, in Balodabazar, Chhattisgarh, Simga police has arrested mother-son and another minor in the case of rape. Talking about the matter, the police said that "the victim was called to the house through her sister under a conspiracy and after that, she gave her a drug in juice." At the same time, it is alleged that the accused raped the girl in an unconscious state and during this time his mother kept making videos of the whole incident.

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At the same time, the process of blackmailing started. Further, Simga police said that "On September 12, the victim complained after which the accused were arrested after an investigation. This incident happened two years ago. The victim and the sister of the accused were friends among themselves. The conspiracy was hatched with the intention of extorting money from a girl from a rich family." 

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The police say that "the woman's father had some time ago sold his land on Pendra Road for six lakh rupees. He had given the girl to keep this money. On September 8, when the girl's father demanded money to give to the coal merchant, it was four lakh rupees less. On being asked strictly, the woman narrated her incident to the father. The woman said that due to intimidation by the accused, she gave four lakh rupees.

Hearing this, he was shocked and reached the police with him." In this case, the police have now taken the accused into custody and against them, both Section 376 of the rape, Section 384 of recovery with fear, Threatening to kill. For 506B, Section 120B of criminal conspiracy, IT Act 67 has been filed.

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