Sona Mohapatra angry at stars who informed on social media about their donation
Sona Mohapatra angry at stars who informed on social media about their donation

People in India are not only getting sick due to Coronavirus but are also facing financial problems. There are many people who are starving for food and water and many celebrities are coming forward to help them. So far, many stars have donated crores of rupees to help people and have given information about this by tweeting, but it seems that Sona Mohapatra has not liked it. Bollywood's famous singer Sona Mohapatra said that "Speaking on social media about financial help is a PR spectacle."

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She has also disclosed that 'till now she has given financial help in three different places regarding Coronavirus'. A fan of Sona asked her on Twitter to help the people suffering from Coronavirus. On hearing this, the singer said, "She has already donated in three places to the people affected by the Corona virus, but she does not like to perform a spectacle like PR."

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Sona Mohapatra, while replying to Fan's comment, wrote, 'I have already contributed to three funds and I do not believe in a PR pageant.' While advising her fans to donate, further wrote, 'Abhijeet donate wherever you can.' Sona Mohapatra, who is often active on social media, was in the news for expressing her anger on Kanika Kapoor, who was suffering from the outbreak of Coronavirus in the past. She has targeted many Bollywood celebs so far. After Kanika Kapoor's coronavirus, Sona in her tweet described her as 'irresponsible idiot'. She wrote in her tweet, "Coronavirus will spread because India is full of irresponsible people who demand everything from the government but do nothing in return".

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