'Body shaming starts at home': Sonakshi Sinha
'Body shaming starts at home': Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha has become the fittest actress of Bollywood today but there was a time when she was very overweight. However, things changed with time and the actress' weight loss journey came in front of the audience. Sonakshi Sinha lost weight by following these three things working out, exercising and strict diet. On November 4, the actress' film 'Double XL' has been released. By the way, her film could not do anything special at the box office, but after the release of the trailer, it was under a lot of hype. Actually, the pair Sonakshi and Huma Qureshi was seen in the film.

In this film, both of them played the role of overweight girls. Yes and through this film, both the actresses proved that no matter how you look, it is important to have talent. In many interviews so far, Sonakshi Sinha also talked about body shame and about increased weight. Yes, and the actress kept saying that body shaming starts from home. Which is true. She said that when she was young, as a child, her mother used to constantly tell her to lose weight. Sonakshi wanted to say in her statement that maybe she used to have some similar pressure first in the house and then in society, so she says this to her children.

With this, Sonakshi Sinha said in her interview, "I had gained 15 kgs in two months. And I increased it by eating all the things I was loving to eat. I believe that whatever weight I have gained, I have increased it quite unhealthily. I had very little time for the film. I had to gain weight fast. I have the tendency to gain weight quickly, so I did not have to work hard."

Sonakshi Sinha further said, ''Increasing and losing weight, we actors often do it for films. But the way people body shame is wrong. It's not their fault either. It is from the environment in which they grew up that these things and thinking come into them.'' I remember when I was young, my mom used to tell me to lose weight. And when someone keeps asking you for something constantly, I am the one who does just opposite. And the day my mom stopped telling me to lose weight, this thing came to me. I have to stop my growing weight and also reduce it. Yes, body shaming starts from home and my mother has realised that too. I am not blaming all the mothers who constantly keep telling their children to lose weight.

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