Sonakshi Sinha says, “It is a great time to be an actor”.
Sonakshi Sinha says, “It is a great time to be an actor”.

Sonakshi Sinha started her career with Salman Khan’s Dabangg. Now it has been 12 years speaking about the change and the choice the actor made today. She said, “Now, I feel like I have come into my own. Like, earlier, I used to be very excitable, and I used to take up a lot more on my plate than I could handle. My mind was buzzing (with things) constantly,” She added, “I’m in a more relaxed and comfortable space right now where I’m working on my own terms and conditions and doing what I want to do, not under any sort of pressure to kind of be like someone or achieve what somebody has achieved.”

While some people are worried about Bollywood's Downfall. The actress has a different view as she said. “This is the right time to experiment and take risks and do things that you’ve never done before. Because the audience’s mind has also opened up over the last few years, and they’re also more accepting of risk. It is a great time to be an actor”.

The actress also opened up on the news roles she is taking and said, “It is like a new role that I have taken up, and it is very enjoyable because I waited for the right time. A lot of people actually had approached me earlier saying they wanted me to associate with their brand, but that really didn’t feel right to me. Why? “Because I wanted to be involved in something right from scratch, from naming it to conceptualizing it to portraying it. This is what I really enjoy doing, and want to continue doing so.”

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