Sonam Kapoor on Baby Plans, We waited and waited…

Sonam Kapoor has recently become a mother, the actress has shared some major Pregnancy outfit goals. The actress has been very vocal about her Pregnancy and has frequently shared her pregnancy experience with his fans.

The actress speaking about her Pregnancy said, “Honestly, (when) I got married (2018), we wanted to wait for two years and then the (Covid-19) pandemic happened. Then I heard lots of stories from my friends, who went through a very difficult time during the pandemic, going to hospitals, having their parents with them. In India we are used to a support system of our moms, our in-laws and all of that. You want your mother around. You want your partner around and to come to the hospital, all these things. So, Anand and I decided… We were planning for 2020. Then we were in Delhi at the beginning of the pandemic at his parents’ house and at that point we just decide to wait, because we did not know what Covid-19 was at that point. We did not understand and we thought, let’s just wait.” 

The actress further added, “So, we waited and waited and waited; and this pandemic didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Then I remember in June (2021), it was my birthday and I told my husband, ‘I think it is time, I don’t think we can wait anymore’. I had done all my check-ups with a couple of doctors, in India and in London, and they said you are fine. You have something called AMH that women have, so that is fine, everything is fine, so just try… We went ahead, and by December we were pregnant, and then I had to start taking progesterone shots because of my age.”

Sonam Kapoor has shared an identical post on Instagram, which read, "On 20.08.2022, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy with bowed heads and open hearts. Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported us on this journey. It's only the beginning, but we know our lives are forever changed. Sonam and Anand."

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