Sonam Kapoor takes 2 hours to look good!!!!
Sonam Kapoor takes 2 hours to look good!!!!

We have the reason how actresses look beautiful always. Also they have to look beautiful all the time at public appearances.

Sonam Kapoor is proved herself a fashionista who everytime passes in score good on the looks part. Recently Sonam revealed the reason of her picture perfect, beautiful and stylish appearances. Sonam said, "Being a star she can't afford to go out without wearing the make-up on and that she takes nearly 2 hours for make-up before any public event. Sonam also revealed that a team of 6 experts do her make-up and styling." Isn't strange or amazing?

Sonam too had faced criticism before debuting in Bollywood regarding her figure that was plumpy. She commented on the problems of most Indian girls who are not happy with their beauty. Sonam said, "Even star heroines including her look like normal girls when they wake up and that it is only make-up that makes them look the way they appear."

These Bollywood beauties make Bollywood bold !

The singer is too hot to admit her age is 58 years !

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