Sonam opened up about her pregnancy, saying - "Did my pregnancy with Anand Ahuja..."

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is going through the journey of becoming a mother these days, i.e. she is going to give birth to Anand Ahuja's baby soon. Sonam is pregnant after four years of marriage and during this time she has shared her pregnancy experience with fans. Sonam has said that even though she is very happy to be a mother, the initial days of pregnancy were very  difficult for her.

In a recent interview, Sonam Kapoor said that the first three months were very difficult for her. The actress said, "It's been hard. Everyone just talks well about pregnancy, no one tells how difficult it is. If you want to bring another life within yourself, you have to respect yourself. "

Sonam has taken the matter further and said that how she had completed the planning of her pregnancy with husband Anand Ahuja. Both of them had decided that for the first 2 years of marriage, both of them were enjoying each other's support. She said, "It was the perfect time for us. This May we will be married for 4 years, we just wanted to enjoy for two years and then we started trying and then it worked. It's a huge blessing. "

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