Quoting WhatsApp chat of Arnab, Sonia Gandhi slams Modi government

Jan 22 2021 01:40 PM
Quoting WhatsApp chat of Arnab, Sonia Gandhi slams Modi government

New Delhi: Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi has strongly targeted Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami over his alleged WhatsApp chat. Quoting the chat, Sonia Gandhi on Friday further said that the sharing of patriotic and nationalism certificates to others has now been completely exposed. In a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), she alleged that the government has shown insensitivity and arrogance in the name of interaction with farmers' organizations.

Sonia said the parliament session is going to start in a week. It is a Budget Session, but there are many issues of public interest that need to be fully discussed. Referring to the farmers' agitation against the central agricultural laws, she alleged that the farmers' agitation is continuing and the government still can't come to a conclusion. She also without naming the Republic TV promoter, said, “I think just a few days back, Antonyji had said that leaking official secrets of military operations is treason. Yet, the silence from the government side on what has been revealed has been deafening. Those who give certificates of patriotism and nationalism to others now stand totally exposed.”

Sonia also said that it is clear that the laws were made in haste and parliament was not given the chance to assess their effects. We reject these laws because they will destroy the foundations of food security. Quoting the WhatsApp conversation case, he said that recently we saw very disturbing reports as to how national security has been compromised.

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