Sonia Gandhi Urges PM Modi for Manipur Discussion in Parliament

New Delhi: On Thursday, Sonia Gandhi, the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold a discussion in the House regarding the situation in Manipur, as revealed by Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the party's leader in Lok Sabha.

During the first day of the Monsoon session of Parliament, Sonia Gandhi made this demand while having a conversation with the Prime Minister before the House proceedings commenced.

Chowdhury mentioned, "The Prime Minister responded with 'ok, I will see' during their brief conversation."

It is customary for leaders to exchange greetings on the first day of the Parliament season. After reaching the bench of opposition leaders, the Prime Minister engaged in a brief conversation with the former Congress President.

The situation in Manipur has been a topic of concern among several opposition leaders, especially after a video emerged, showing two women being paraded naked in the state. The video, allegedly from May 4, surfaced following ethnic clashes in the northeastern region.

Taking note of the distressing video, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his sentiments, stating, "I am filled with pain, and the incident is shameful for any civil society."

Addressing reporters before the Monsoon session of Parliament, PM Modi further remarked, "This is a shameful incident for any society. While the issue of who did this and who is responsible is another matter, it has undoubtedly brought shame to our nation. I appeal to all chief ministers to tighten law and order. Regardless of whether it is Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, or Manipur, the matter of a woman's honor should transcend politics."

Responding to PM Modi's remarks, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury criticized the Prime Minister for making statements outside the House, emphasizing that such matters should be addressed inside the House.

"Today, with the Monsoon session commencing, it is inappropriate for a member of the House to make a statement on an issue like Manipur outside the House," Chowdhury expressed. "I request PM Modi to break his silence and address the matter within the House," he added.

Earlier in the day, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh informed ANI that the main culprit behind the incident had been apprehended.

“At around 1.30 am last night, we arrested the main culprit," stated the Manipur Chief Minister. "Every human being will condemn this act," Biren Singh asserted, adding that they would seek the maximum possible punishment for the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, the Rajya Sabha was adjourned until the next day as several opposition leaders demanded a statement from PM Modi regarding Manipur's situation. The government expressed its willingness to discuss the issue in the House.

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