Sonu Sood once again becomes the messiah for the needy
Sonu Sood once again becomes the messiah for the needy

The lockdown imposed amidst the Corona period had disturbed everyone's life. The highest number of daily wage labourers, migrant workers and frontline workers were affected in the Covid period. Millions of people were dying due to a lack of oxygen in the pandemic. Many people had lost their jobs, migrant labourers travelled thousands of kilometres and left for their homes on foot. In the cremation ghat, only the pyres were seen all around. This was the scariest scene of the Covid virus epidemic, about which the soul will tremble at the thought of it. In this situation, many stars had helped in a big way, but the first of these is being taken as Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood has been declared the Messiah by the people in that period of the pandemic.

Sonu Sood, who provided oxygen cylinders, beds and medicines for the victims during the Corona period, has again helped a student. In fact, a man named Naseer Khan took to Twitter to ask Sonu Sood for help. He wrote- @Sonu Sood sir whenever there is a problem we miss you... Brother, we are asking you for help... You are the last hope for help with our baby girl's fees... There's a lot of calls from her school for help and I'm very upset... Brother, there is a lot of money to help.

After this tweet of Naseer Khan, Sonu's steps again moved towards help. Just then what was the actor also gave the desired answer to the helper. Sonu wrote- There will be no more calls from the school, and he also tagged his charity foundation. After this step of Sonu, once again his fans have become very happy. Fans on Sonu Sood's Twitter handle are appreciating his move. One fan wrote- No matter how bright the sun is, the seas never dry up. Sonu's fans are thanking him in the comment section for this move.  



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