Construction of Sonu Sood idol started in Bihar, actor gave a heart-touching reply

May 26 2020 12:45 PM
Construction of Sonu Sood idol started in Bihar, actor gave a heart-touching reply

At this time, Coronavirus has imprisoned everyone in the house and people are not able to get out. In such a situation, the migrant laborers are constantly requesting the government to return to their village. Now, meanwhile, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has emerged as a messiah in this time of crisis and is helping people. At the same time, people are also seeking help from Sonu Sood through Twitter, whose actors are giving full response. There are discussions of Sonu everywhere and people are calling him as Messiah.

At this time, everyone has become convinced of the generosity of the actor. Not only this, people are constantly praising him through social media. Some are writing poems for Sonu, while some are giving them the status of God. In such a sequence, now in the same sequence, a person recently tweeted with the goodwill of Sonu Sood, in which he told that people are preparing to get his idol built in Bihar's Siwan district. You can see the person tagged Sonu Sood while tweeting and wrote, "Bihar's Siwan district where people are preparing to get your idol. Salutations sir, love you so much."

During this time, as soon as Sonu saw the tweet of the person, he replied to this tweet and wrote, "Brother, help the poor with that money." Now people are praising this selfless help of Sonu Sood wholeheartedly and people are going to be his fans.

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