Huge scary spiders seen on the seashore, Know what's the truth
Huge scary spiders seen on the seashore, Know what's the truth

Every day something unique on social media trends or goes viral. Now even at this time, a photo is becoming increasingly viral. Yes, and this picture is unique and scary. Whoever is looking at this picture is getting shocked. In this picture, strange creatures spotted walking on the beach can be seen walking on the beach, which looks like giant spiders. According to a report, 62-year-old Kisaan Jain Vorster recently took some pictures on the beach of still bay, Western Cape, in his hometown, South Africa. Yes, but he did not think that his photos would come into so much discussion that they would start going viral. There was something else in this picture but people understood it as something else, after which everyone started fearing the picture.

Let us tell you that Jain saw many aloe vera dead plants on the beach. Yes and aloe vera is a very beneficial plant, but when Jain saw them in this condition, he thought of making people aware of climate change and saving trees and took pictures of this plant. In the meantime, he thought that people would understand the importance of saving trees and plants by seeing this, but something else happened! Now when the picture was posted on Facebook, it went viral.

He posted it on a Facebook group related to South Africa, but people started sharing it on other groups and channels as well. Facebook user Myrtle Philbeck posted the photo and wrote- "Sea spiders going like the sea.'' However, people spread so many rumors that there was an uproar on social media. Some called them aliens, some called them a ghost. Apart from this, some called them the children of the sea monster, while many called them giant spiders.

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