South Central Railway Announces 51 Special Trains for Sabarimala Devotees
South Central Railway Announces 51 Special Trains for Sabarimala Devotees

THIRUVANANDAPURAM: In a heartening update for devotees of Lord Ayyappa, South Central Railway officials have revealed plans to operate 51 special trains facilitating pilgrimages to Sabarimala.

The officials have shared news that a series of 51 special trains will be in service during December and January, serving various regions within the Telugu states. The Railway Department has released comprehensive details regarding these trains under the 'X' category, ensuring the convenience of Ayyappa devotees.

These specialized trains are equipped with First AC, Second AC, Third AC, sleeper, and second-class coaches, catering to the diverse needs of travelers. Many devotees, adorned with the Ayyappa mala, traditionally journey to Sabarimala from the Telugu states. However, there are also pilgrims who visit Ayyappa without donning the mala. In light of this, devotees are expressing elation at the authorities' initiative to provide dedicated train services for their convenience.

Outlined below are specifics of a few of the special trains designated for Sabarimala-bound pilgrims:

Kakinada Town - Kottayam (Train No. 07113) scheduled for January 4, 11, and 18.
Kottayam - Kakinada Town (Train No. 07114) operating on December 30 and January 6, 13, and 20.
Secunderabad - Kottayam (Train No. 07117) set for January 2.
Kottayam - Secunderabad (Train No. 07118) on January 4.

The railway officials have  also announced the running of the Secunderabad-Kottayam train (Train No. 07009) on January 6 and 13, and the Kottayam-Secunderabad special train (Train No. 07010) on January 8 and 15.

This proactive measure by the railway authorities to introduce these special train services has brought immense relief and satisfaction to the Ayyappa devotees, ensuring smoother and more accessible journeys for their pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

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