South Korea condemns the North's claims that it is exporting the coronavirus

Seoul: The South Korean ministry of unification said on Thursday that South Korea regretted Pyongyang's repeated claims that Seoul had given the disease to North Korea.

At the national meeting to review the emergency anti-epidemic work, North Korea made extremely harsh and threatening comments to the South Korean government, repeating its fanciful claims about the routes the coronavirus entered the nation, the South Korean ministry said.

The nation's leader, Kim Jong Un, declared victory over the coronavirus outbreak at the national meeting of reviewing the emergency anti-epidemic work earlier in the day, according to North Korean media. Kim Yo Jong, a sister of Kim and the deputy director of one of the departments under the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee, accused Seoul of bringing the coronavirus into the nation and threatened to "destroy" the South Korean government if it encouraged the virus' entry into North Korea.

Early in July, North Korea claimed that the COVID-19 outbreak there originated in the village of Ipho close to the South Korean border. An 18-year-old soldier and a 5-year-old child are thought to be the index cases. They are said to have touched "alien things," possibly leaflets and other items that South Korean activists frequently send over the border.

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