Bhagwat Geeta gives us inspiration in every context of our life: PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat
Bhagwat Geeta gives us inspiration in every context of our life: PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat

PM Narendra Modi while addressing the Mann Ki Baat program said that the new year is going to start after four days. Next year will be the next thing of mind. He further said that new power has arisen in India. The name of this new power is self-reliance. Demand for toys made in the country is increasing. PM Modi said, "I have received letters from many countrymen. In most of the letters, people have fully appreciated the country's strength, the collective power of the countrymen. When innovative experiments like Janata curfew became an inspiration for the whole world, when the country had shown respect to our Corona Warriors by clapping, unity was also seen by many."

He further added, "We have felt this change by the common man in honour of India. I have also seen a wonderful flow of hope in the country. There were many challenges also. Corona also caused many problems in the supply chain in the world, but we took new lessons from each crisis." The PM said that this is the right time to work with the idea of zero effect, zero defect. I appeal to the manufacturers and industries of India. The people of the country have taken strong steps, taken strong steps forward, Vocal for Local. It is echoing from house to house today. As such, now is the time to ensure that our products are world-class. We have to maintain the spirit of Vocal for Local, keep it, and keep increasing. You take New Year resolution every year, this time a resolution must also be taken for your country.

Prime Minister Modi said that on this day, the sons of Guru Govind Ji, Sahibzade Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh were picked alive in the wall. The tyrants wanted Sahibzade to give up his faith, leave the teachings of the great Guru tradition. But, our Sahibzadas showed great courage and will even at such a young age. At the time of being chosen in the wall, the stones continued to rise, the wall kept rising, death was hovering in front of them, but still, he did not budge.

The Prime Minister further said that how many sacrifices have been made in our country from terrorists, from the oppressors, to save the country's thousands of years old culture, civilization, our customs, today is also the day to remember them. PM Modi said that the number of lions within the country has increased in the last few years. The number of leopards has also increased by 60%. Between 2014 and 2018, leopards grew 60% in India. In 2014, the number of leopards in the country was around 7,900, while in 2019, their figure increased to 12,852. There has also been a boost in the Indian Forests. In most states of India, especially in central India, leopard figures have increased. Among the states with the largest population of leopards, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are at the top. This is a major achievement. PM Modi said that Geeta gives us inspiration in every context of our life. The uniqueness of the Gita is that it begins with the curiosity to know, as long as there is curiosity, there is life.

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