Spider-Man admired this song from the film Pushpa, video went viral

Have you ever seen Spiderman dance to an Indian song to date? No, no... So today we've brought you such news. Yes, nowadays northeast-south-west the same movie is being talked about and that's Pushpa. Pushpa's action, Pushpa's songs, Pushpa's love story, Pushpa's swag. Now Pushpa has so much fun so where is spiderman going to lag behind?

Following the trend, Spiderman also started shaking at Pushpa. Pushpa's song Rara Saami has been a huge hit. Their hook step is tremendous. This hook step has started creating a sensation in the middle of dance lovers. Spiderman also likes to sing and dance to it. Pushpa star Allu Arjun's brother Allu Sirish has brought the spiderman to the fore as he rocked 'Rara Saami.'

Allu Sirish tweeted and shared the video in which Spiderman can be seen dancing to the song Rara Saami. Spiderman has also followed the trending hook step of the song and added glamour to it. In his post, Allu Sirish wrote: Spiderman is celebrating his success by dancing to Pushpa's song Rara Saami. As a fan of Allu Arjun and Spydy... bravo! This is India boss. Good job Spiderman.

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