Spotify update to leave beta users into seamless issues
Spotify update to leave beta users into seamless issues

New Delhi:- The newest Spotify update on Android is causing big problems because many people using different devices cannot open the app at all.

The latest update for the Spotify app on Android is causing the app to crash every time someone tries to open it. Sometimes when an app crashes, you might not get a notification, but you won't be able to open the app.

This problem mainly affects people who are using the beta version, but it is not clear which specific version of the beta is causing the issue.

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We have noticed the issue on Spotify version 8. 860 on both Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 5. This version is still being tested and it is not causing any problems on the Pixel 7 phone we used for testing. So, most users should not have any issues.

The good news is that there is an easy solution to the problem. Just go to the Play Store and remove the Spotify beta program from the app's page. Then delete the app, wait a little while, and download it again.

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As a fun fact, the music streaming app works well in the background on Android Auto and can sync the songs you last listened to on other devices. For some unknown reason, this new update only makes the app unable to fully open. I hope Spotify can fix the problem quickly for those who are having issues.

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Spotify is having problems with their app after updating it. Users are unable to access it and people with Beta are facing a lot of issues. But Spotify is aware of the problems and is working to fix them.

Spotify after getting reported by the problem is on it to cure as soon as possible as many users as specially the bets users are facing much problems will finally get relief soon regarding the app crashing.

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