Sqing has launched a new chatroom app; Waka Voice has been the talk of the town

A new app called Waka Voice has been developed by Sqing for virtual hangouts. By using the new program, users might expand their online networks and meet new people. Using Waka's voice, users can introduce themselves to the world and display their talents. Sqing is recognized for its effectiveness and openness in addition to offering a large range of beneficial services.

Users would be able to expand their online networks and meet new individuals thanks to the new program. Users can demonstrate their skills and introduce themselves to the world by using Waka's voice. Waka Voice wants to establish a reputation as the network that supports voice rooms and offers fun and unique gifts.
Sqing is a technology-based company with multiple SaaS products and with offices in Kerala. It is also a major player in India for International Business for overseas clients. The services that they provide are mobile application operations in India in different vernacular languages and support multiple communities across Indian regions including sales, customer support, moderation, and re-seller programs for business expansions across India.
Web development, UI/UX design, marketing, and application development are some of their main offerings. The breadth of experience and proven track record ensures that your website and users will engage meaningfully with your product.

The Waka voice app is the brainchild of Sonu Raja, founder of Sqing Solutions Private Limited. Groups can be created in voice rooms, friends can be invited, and messages can be sent directly to each other. With this app, you can even send gifts to your loved ones.
VIP profiles come with additional features, such as VIP tags, customized emojis, a followers button, and the ability to share pictures in chat. VIP users are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

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