Many secrets of life are hidden in Shri Krishna's flute; read on!

All of you have seen the statue of Shri Krishna with a flute and a similar statue is found very often. So the flute has always been a question for all people in the symbols worn by Shri Krishna and very few people would know why Krishna has a flute in God's hands. Today we will tell you that the essence of life is hidden in the flute of Shri Krishna. A legend related to The Flute of Shri Krishna which is very popular that we are going to tell you today.

The Special Importance of Moksha Saptami in Jainism

Katha - Once Srikrishna was sitting on the banks of the river Yamuna playing the flute. Hearing the melodious music of the flute, all the 'Gopis' came close to Krishna and sat down. During this time, the Gopis kept The flute of Shri Krishna entangled in the conversation. The Gopis asked and said what you did in the previous birth that you keep touching the lips like the rose petal of The Keshav.

The flute smiled and said, "I have waited for births to come close to Shri Krishna. In the Tretayug, Lord Rama was cutting the forest dwellings. I met him at that time. There were very adorable flowers around them. I had no special qualities compared to those plants. But God gave me the same importance as other plants. I felt loved by touching their gentle steps. The Lord did not care for my hardness. They had unfathomable love in their hearts.

Lord Parshwanath became the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism, this is the story

For the first time in my life, I was accepted by someone with so much love. Because of this, I wished to live with them lifelong. But during that time they were bound by their modesty. So they promised to keep me with me in the copper age. In this way, Shri Krishna kept me with me while keeping his word. You will find many such stories related to Shri Krishna's symbols and flute in Bhagwat Purana. Many secrets of life in flute are hidden. As if there is no lump in the flute. He's hollow. This means that don't put any kind of lump inside yours. Do anything with you So you don't make changes to your behaviour.

If you see this thing in a dream, then your death is near

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