Radha, who was angry with Shri Krishna, said, "Don't touch me..."

Aug 15 2019 09:20 PM
Radha, who was angry with Shri Krishna, said,

There is very little time left for the festival of Janmashtami. This time, Shri Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 24th August. The love of Lord Krishna and Radha is famous all over the world and the love of Lord Krishna and Radha is unique. You must have read that both of them live in each other's hearts, but once Shri Krishna did such a thing that all the gopis with Radha started living away from Krishna and Radha also told Krishna not to touch her. Yes, what Krishna did after this incident still exists in the foothills of the Govardhan Mountains as a Krishna Kund.

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Yes, it is said that Krishna Kund is considered to be the dialogue when Radha refused to touch Krishna. Yes, it was because, Lord Krishna had killed Asura Arishtasur, who was sent to Kansh, and came to suffer the Vrajas in the form of Anishtasura bull. At the same time, Radha and Gopis were treating Krishna as the cow's killer because of the bull's killing.

Krishna, on the other hand, tried to convince Radha that he had killed Asura, not a bull, and even after Krishna's explanation, when Radha refused, Shri Krishna slammed his edge on the ground and the stream of water started flowing there.

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It is said that this stream became a kund and Shri Krishna told the pilgrims that all of you should come here. After that, by the order of Krishna, all the pilgrim Radha sinkered in front of Krishna and then all entered the Kund. It is said that Shri Krishna took a bath in this kund and said that those who take bath in this pool will have the virtue of bathing in all the pilgrimages at one place.

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