SRK's 'Jawan' Earns Rs. 525 Crore in Hindi Box Office
SRK's 'Jawan' Earns Rs. 525 Crore in Hindi Box Office

In a cinematic triumph of colossal proportions, Shah Rukh Khan's latest Bollywood spectacle, 'Jawan,' has orchestrated an unprecedented box office sensation, amassing a staggering Rs. 525 crore in the realm of Hindi cinema. This sensational revelation comes to light as of September 29, setting a new benchmark for cinematic excellence.

The seismic impact of 'Jawan' reverberates through the annals of Bollywood, surpassing the cumulative earnings of 'Pathan' and 'Gadar 2' within the Hindi segment. These remarkable statistics have been meticulously compiled by the venerable movie critic and analyst, Taran Adarsh. Worth noting is that 'Pathan,' featuring Shah Rukh Khan in a leading role, graced the screens earlier this year.

Here's a breakdown of the past week's dazzling box office feats: On September 22, 'Jawan' hauled in an impressive Rs. 7.10 crore; followed by a meteoric Rs. 11.50 crore on September 23, a colossal Rs. 13.90 crore on September 24, a resilient Rs. 4.90 crore on September 25, a commendable Rs. 4.40 crore on September 26, a steady Rs. 4.45 crore on September 27, and culminating in a spectacular Rs. 5.81 crore on September 28. These figures chronicle the movie's triumph on screens across India, notably in multiplexes and cinema halls, all in the eloquent language of Hindi.

Venturing into the vibrant worlds of Tamil and Telugu, 'Jawan' has amassed a commendable Rs. 58.82 crore thus far. Over the past seven days, the box office symphony played as follows: A harmonious Rs. 51 lakh on September 22, a crescendo of Rs. 75 lakh on September 23, a soaring Rs. 1.05 crore on September 24, a melodic Rs. 55 lakh on September 25, a rhythmic Rs. 46 lakh on September 26, a mellifluous Rs. 39 lakh on September 27, and a delightful Rs. 16 lakh on September 28.

Released on the cinematic canvas on September 7, 'Jawan' marks Shah Rukh Khan's second triumph in this calendar year. The luminary, affectionately known as SRK, previously graced the box office throne in January with 'Pathan,' amassing a colossal Rs. 654 crore within India, spanning both Hindi and regional languages. The film's global resonance reverberated even more profoundly, culminating in an astonishing worldwide revenue crossing the illustrious Rs. 1,050 crore milestone.

Box Office Buzz: September 28, 2023 - India

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