'Start-Up' Workshop Held In Delhi

Design Thinking & Doing Workshop was organised in Delhi on Friday, 3 Feb 2017. The workshop was related with doing things creatively with the help of this process. It also taught about how to solve the real world problems.

Design Thinking is the creative process used by the top innovators of all the time like The Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs and Don Norman, it helped them to come up with the revolutionary ideas making them ''the crazy ones''.

The Process teaches us about:

1 How to think creatively.

2 How to transform your ideas.

3 How to get to the depth of a problem.

4 How to solve the real issues.

 5 How to execute the work.

The workshop and was attended by a lot of people who are willing to do start-up of something. This process helped many people in making their mind clear and had also opened their respective doors for the start-up. 

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