Former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda accuses BJP, government surrounded on Vishal Haryana issue
Former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda accuses BJP, government surrounded on Vishal Haryana issue

After former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda raised the issue of the formation of Vishal Haryana in the Assembly, the politics of the state has become hot. Hooda said that some districts of western Uttar Pradesh should be merged to form a huge Haryana and its capital should be Delhi. BJP termed Hooda and Congress's attempt to weaken Haryana's claim on Chandigarh for this. The BJP rejected it completely and attacked Hooda.

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The issue of creating a large Haryana by combining the rural areas of Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi is not new. Leader of Opposition in Haryana Legislative Assembly and former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has again raised the issue and sparked a new discussion in the state's politics. BJP says that Hooda is trying to weaken the issues related to Punjab in Haryana by raising this issue. The ruling BJP has completely rejected Hooda's initiative.

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The big fact among it is that this issue was raised a lot even after the formation of Haryana. After the formation of Haryana on 1 November 1966, the first assembly elections were held in the state in 1967. Rao Birendra Singh Vishal was elected from the Haryana Party in this election and became the Speaker of the first elected assembly of Haryana. On March 24, 1967, Rao Birendra Singh was elected the leader of the Joint Legislative Party and then took over as the Chief Minister of Haryana. Rao Birendra Singh's motive behind forming the Vishal Haryana Party was to create a state in the Hindi-speaking areas, which could also have an active intervention in the central government.

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