'Stay in the in-laws' house to save save family', Gwalior court gave a unique decision
'Stay in the in-laws' house to save save family', Gwalior court gave a unique decision

Gwalior: The unique judgment of the Gwalior High Court of MP has been in the headlines. The court has taken the initiative to save a family from breaking up. On the orders of the single bench of the court, the husband will now have to stay in the in-laws' house for a month. The court remarked that go to the in-laws' house and eat kheer-puri.

A woman, a resident of Sewa Nagar in Gwalior, had filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court to take back her 2-year-old son. She said she had to leave her in-laws' house after being disturbed by her husband's torture. Her 2-year-old child is in the possession of her husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law. Argued that the upbringing of the child is good in the hands of the mother. The court summoned the husband with the child. The parents of the petitioner were also present on the basis of the hearing. Advocate Avdhesh Singh Tomar pleaded on behalf of the respondent.

In the court, the petitioner extended a hand to adopt his child and refused to come near the child. The husband responded to his wife's allegations and said that a year ago, she had fled from his in-laws' house after fighting. The children were also left. The husband said that I have been taking care of the child for a year in a better way. I am also ready to take my wife with me and take good care of her. But the wife refused to go with her and if she goes to her in-laws, she could be assaulted. The parents of the petitioner were present in the wake of the hearing, they sought permission to take their son-in-law to his house. The move was welcomed by the court. The court said that for a month, the husband stayed in the in-laws' house with the child. Try to reunite the family. The in-laws were also told to treat son-in-law properly. The petition will be heard again on March 23. The husband and wife will have to share their experience with the court.

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