Stop blowing the Candles of your Birthday Cake
Stop blowing the Candles of your Birthday Cake

If you are said that, your birthday can be spoiled by blowing candles on the cake, as you blow candles on the cake on your birthday or wedding anniversary, will you believe it?

Probably not. But the researchers have proved this fact that blowing candle is not good at all. Researchers at the Clemson University of America studied this subject and found that by blowing the candle on the cake, the bacteria present on cake icing increases by 1400%.

Actually, the students of Clemson University say that when we blow candles on a cake, the bacteria from our mouth come on the cake. In a report published in the Journal of Food Research, researchers have said that ancient cultures believed that the smoke coming out of candles carries their desires and prayers to the Gods. Gradually this tradition became normal in many parts of the world.

Bioaerosols bacteria present in human breathing came to the surface of the cake and they are harmful. In order to examine the mouth bacteria in the cake, the researchers spread the icing of cake on one of the foil paper and install the candle on it. Then the people involved in the research were asked to eat pizza and after that, they were given instructions to blow the candles.

Researchers found that after blowing the candle, the pre-existing bacteria on Icing has increased by 1400 percent. So the researchers said that celebrating the birthday without candle is now better.

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