Stop Your "Backpain" Before It Starts!!!
Stop Your

It is much easier to prevent back pain than to find a cure for it. Don’t believe us; just ask 80 percent of the population who has suffered with some degree of back pain in their lifetime. So if you don’t have back pain yet, then follow these tips to keep it that way.

Stand tall

One way to naturally stand taller and have better posture is to imagine that there is a line coming down from the ceiling and running from your head to your toe. You want your back, neck, and head to stay lifted throughout the day, not slumped or hunched over.

Wear soft soles

Shoes with softer soles will be better for your back. Shoes without soft soles, such as high heels and flats, allow your foot to hit the ground in a way that the bones in your leg and back absorb the shock. This can lead to back pain quickly over time. Find shoes that have good soles or buy a cushioning insole.

Sleep better

To prevent back pain, get more sleep and sleep on one pillow. Sleeping with too many pillows can strain the muscles, and sleeping on a pillow that does not have enough cushion can also strain the muscles. You want to find the perfect balance between the two so that your head and neck stay in alignment without any added pressure.

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