3 Mythological Stories of Diwali
3 Mythological Stories of Diwali

Every year, the festival of Diwali is celebrated with huge fanfare. This year, the festival is tomorrow, the 4th of November. So today we are going to tell you the 3 mythological stories of Diwali that you must know.

Deepawali of the golden age- First of all, Deepawali was celebrated in the golden age. When the deities and demons churned the sea together, it was through this great expedition that 14 gems like Airavat, Moon, Uchhishrava, Parijat, Varuni, Rambha, etc., were accompanied by the halahal poison and Dhanwantari appeared for the Amrit ghat. This leads to the beginning of the Mahaparva of Deepotsav on the birth anniversary of Adidev Dhanwantari of health. It was from this Mahamanthan that Goddess Mahalakshmi was born and the first Deepawali was celebrated by all the deities to welcome her.

Deepawali of Treta yuga- Treta yuga is known as Lord Shri Ram. After defeating the mighty demon Ravana and spending 14 years in exile, the entire city was decorated with lamps on the arrival of Shri Ram in Ayodhya and this festival became a lamp festival symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.

Deepawali of the Dvapara Yuga​- The Dvapara Yuga was the Leela yuga of Shri Krishna. It is said that by implementing the revolutionary decision of Govardhan Puja by opposing Indra Puja in Krishna's childhood, Shri Krishna created a social consciousness towards local natural wealth and the tradition of Annakoot was formed as Govardhan Puja. Kuta means a mountain, Annakoot, that is, a mountain-like pile of food items. Shri Krishna-Balram is the deity of agriculture and the Annakoot tradition run by him is still a part of the Deepawali festival. Let me tell you that this festival is often celebrated on the second day of Deepawali.

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