Keep in mind if you make these mistakes while straightening your hair

Jul 11 2019 08:30 PM
Keep in mind if you make these mistakes while straightening your hair

The hair gets very much ironing and blows dry in the straightening of curly hair. You take a variety of treatments to straighten your hair. You may think you do your hair styling better, but beauty expert Janet Fernandez is telling you about some mistakes that girls often make while straightening. Today, we're going to tell you what mistakes you make to straighten your hair.

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Conditioners don't clean well - if you see smoke coming out after applying flat iron hair, it means that you may not clean your hair properly. That is why clean your hair thoroughly while taking a bath.

You do more hair ionizing - you need to divide them into different parts to dry them well. If you can ionise with more hair to save time, but splitting the hair into smaller parts will bring them to the roots and the head.

Blow dry in the wrong direction - you may be blowing your hair in the wrong direction. Rotate the dryer from top to bottom while blowing the back and top hair. Rotate the dryer from top to back while drying the hair in the middle of the head.

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You don't comb - you should always keep a rat-tail comb near your flat iron. This way your hair will continue to comb and your look won't get worse.

Use of too many products - using too much serum or finishing oil can make your hair sticky. Take your favourite hair-gloss for a healthy-glossy look and spray it a little farther from your hair.

Do not use dry shampoo - Dry shampoo can keep your hair fresh throughout the week after a blow dry. So clean them with dry shampoo after styling your hair. This way they will look stylish for a long time.

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