Strawberry makes face even more attractive, Know these tips

Sep 13 2019 09:08 PM
Strawberry makes face even more attractive, Know these tips

If strawberry is said to be one of the most attractive fruits, then hardly anyone would mind. You also get a lot of benefits from it and it is considered good for health. Strawberry is the only fruit whose seeds are outside. It can be used in beauty and skin care. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of strawberries.

* There are many types of minerals in strawberries that are helpful in improving the skin tone. Apart from this, it is also an effective way to make black lips pink. If you want, you can use it as a scrub. Its mask is also very beneficial for improving the complexion.

Take three or four strawberries and mash them into a paste. Add something else and apply it directly on your face. Let it dry for some time and wash it with cold water and clean it with a cloth. This homemade face mask is simple and easy and it helps you in giving you a fresh and glowing skin like a parlour.

* Vitamin C is found in abundance in a mixture of strawberries and yoghurt which nourishes your skin cells and increases the production of collagen, which removes wrinkles and fine lines.

* Dead skin clears very comfortably using strawberries. After clearing dead skin, the face glows and glowing skin is found.

* Take 3 to 4 strawberries and grind them well. Now add the juice of one lemon and mix it. Mix it with a spoon and apply it on your face. After applying it on the face, leave it for 10 minutes. After that wash it with cold water. It is a great face pack that removes tan from your face, removes dark spots and also relieves acne.

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