Remove stretch marks from thighs so take these home remedies

Stretch marks occur on the skin when the person does weight loss or gains weight. The list includes the first number of hips and thighs that have stretch marks. However, stretch marks are very difficult to fix and there are a variety of creams in the market to fix it. However, you can easily fix it at home and today we are going to tell you about those methods.

* Stretch marks cannot be completely removed but yes it can be reduced and massage oil should be used during exercise. In fact, using massage oil reduces stretch marks.

* Skin is too dry so the stretch marks of such people are very high. Fine lines and stretch marks look very deep on dry skin. In this case, hydrating the skin is very important to reduce stretch marks. For this, you should use oil-based body lotion on dry skin. Keep in mind that the skin should never scratch with a nail.

* Use vitamin E to get rid of stretch marks. In fact, applying vitamin E on stretch marks lightens stretch marks. You will also benefit from mixing vitamin E with olive oil or almond oil and applying it in stretch marks.

* Massage on stretch marks should always be done from top to bottom. Yes and massage where there are more stretch marks. Tell you that you can massage with olive oil and almond oil to remove stretch marks.

* Can scrub to reduce stretch marks. You can use rice flour and curd for this purpose. In fact, it would be beneficial to scrub the thighs by adding rice flour and curd.

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