Student rape classmate during lockdown

May 20 2020 05:20 PM
Student rape classmate during lockdown

Gurugram Nowadays the case of increasing crime has created panic among the police. Recently, in the case which has come to light, his friend has committed misdeeds with a student of class 11 in a private school. In this case, he seduced her and carried out the rape incident. The student told her mother about this and on the mother 's complaint, the police registered a case and arrested the accused from Gurugram on Tuesday, which is being questioned.

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In this case, the teenager's mother told in a complaint to the police, "2 years ago, the accused and his 16-year-old daughter used to study in the same school. During this time, the accused befriended her daughter. After some time, the student changed school. Despite this, both kept talking through social media. At this time the student was at home in the lockdown.

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Further, the mother told in the complaint, "On Monday, Ayush (19), a student of Dayanand Colony, took her daughter to the room with him and seduced her and raped the teenager." On Monday evening, the student reached home and told everything about it, her mother got the case registered. In this case, the police has arrested the accused and started questioning.

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