Mason's body found near railway track

May 20 2020 01:34 PM
Mason's body found near railway track

Mathura: The recently reported crime case has shocked everyone. In this case, the dead body of a mason was found near the railway track under the Govind Nagar area. The GRP police has sent the body for postmortem. It is reported that the GRP sub-inspector has said that he has died after being cut off from a train coming from Delhi.

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Further, GRP sub-inspector Pramod Sharma told, "35-year-old Vijay must have been hit by a train while crossing the tracks. He used to work as a mason, in search, a cloth bag was found from him, in which the tools used in building construction were found.

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Jeetu, the brother of the deceased youth, told,"due to the lockdown, Vijay was struggling with financial crisis." He lived with his mother in Arjunpura near her house. A long time ago, the wife had left. ”This case cannot be called the first case that came under lockdown, but many such cases have come up so far.

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