Couple tried to commit suicide, admitted in hospital

May 19 2020 02:20 PM
Couple tried to commit suicide, admitted in hospital

The crime case that has come up recently has blown everyone's senses. In this case, when people tried to separate the couple, both agreed to die. In this case, the woman injured herself by stabbing herself in the neck while the person stabbed himself in the stomach. Both have been admitted to the district hospital.

This case is being reported from Barua Nagar area of the countryside police station area. Where this incident happened around 12 noon on Sunday. In this case, both the woman and the person are married and both are relatives. 26-year-old Ramu Jatav son Munsilal Jatav resident Bulaki had a love affair with 27-year-old Sunita wife Hari Singh Jatav of Birla Nagar Gwalior and both were recently injured. Ramu is the nephew of Sunita and both of them loved each other for the last 6 years.

In this case, Sunita told the police that, "Her one and a half-year-old son also belongs to Ramu. Ramu himself accepted this. Fed up with her husband's atrocities, she left home on 13 May. Due to the lockdown with her one and a half-year-old son, she had reached Malanpur from Gwalior on foot, from where her lover Ramu Jatav brought her on a bike."

The woman further said, "He not only got Sunita a house for rent in Barua Nagar but also bought the household goods. While her husband also came there and he asked Sunita to go back, she refused, while the husband called the police on dial 100 and Sunita stabbed herself in the neck. After seeing this, Ramu also stabbed the knife in his stomach. 

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