Man blackmails mother by clicking her obscene photo

May 19 2020 11:59 AM
Man blackmails mother by clicking her obscene photo

Cases of crime are not decreasing even in the midst of lockdown. These matters are going on increasing day by day. In such a case, a son conspired against his own mother to occupy the property.  In this case, to get the property in his name, a son clicked an indecent picture of his mother from the mobile and then started blackmailing her. Actually, this matter is related to Rajasthan's Kota.

Where a woman hailing from Shivpura area lodged a complaint at the police station and said that she is being blackmailed by his son for the property". In this case, the 75-year-old woman told the police in her complaint that , "Her son took a obscene picture due to a property dispute and started sending it on the phone of the people of his own family." According to reports, the woman also told the police that "One day when she was worshiped Science was the son screaming was fire in your house went on fire. During this, the son shouted and asked her to remove the clothes to escape from the fire and as soon as she removed the clothes, the accused son took a picture.

Now in this case, police officer Tarachand says that "2 days ago, the old lady of Shivpura lodged a complaint. In her complaint, the woman alleged that her 50-year-old son had taken an obscene photo of her due to a property dispute and sent it to other family members. That photo is deleted now and the investigation is underway. 

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