Protest in Pakistan against Imran Khan, students shouted slogans on the road

Nov 19 2019 04:34 PM
Protest in Pakistan against Imran Khan, students shouted slogans on the road

Lahore: The heat of the ongoing protests against the Imran Khan government in Pakistan has now reached Lahore as well. Students in Lahore took to the streets against the Imran government and raised slogans of independence. A video of this is also going viral on social media in a tremendous way. It can be seen in the video that at the Faiz Literary Festival held this week, students are shouting slogans demanding 'freedom' from Imran Khan government.

Many videos with students' slogans are being shared widely on social media. On Facebook and Twitter, these videos are being watched not only by Pakistanis, but also by Indians. The students of Lahore University also raised slogans like "Jab Laal Laherayga tab hosh thikane ayega" during their protest. At the same time, the Imran government is taking barbaric action against the leaders of the Sindhi community in Pakistan.

According to media reports, cases are being filed against the chairman of Sindh Qami Mahaz, the leader of the party, who has raised voice for the rights of the Sindhi community in Pakistan, and other leaders for their involvement in anti-national activities. The report said that the Imran Khan government is registering cases against these leaders under sections of offensive slogans, insurgency, terrorism and criminal conspiracy.

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