Young man slapped girl and then hit her on head

Feb 14 2020 01:02 PM
Young man slapped girl and then hit her on head

Raipur: This incident happened in Tagore Nagar around 1 pm on Thursday when a young man on a bike attacked the 11th student with a sharp weapon. The same attacker came in the same bike with two companions. At that time school was over. The student was dropping out of school with her friends. At this time, the accused stopped the bike at the gate. On seeing the student, the attacker got off the bike. Reaching him directly and slapped him. The victim student was rushed to the hospital immediately. At the time of the incident, the attack of the attacker's partner also happened to be a pistol. The police is busy finding the truth about this. The same police have filed a case against the attacker Aryan Sahu. The accused is a resident of Telibandha. The cause of the attack is not yet clear. But it has been learned that the injured student had a dispute with a student of her class two months ago. After that, the conversation between the two was stopped. Aryan used to come to meet the same student. It is believed that Aryan attacked for this reason. Everyone recognized Aryan after the attack.

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Aryan reached the school with his two friends at around one quarter on Thursday. He started waiting for the student. After the holiday, the girl was walking out talking with her friends. Then she did not talk to the student and gave a direct slap. The girl and her friends were slapped by the slap. The gate was very crowded at that time. Many of the same students were also coming out. As soon as he saw Aryan slap, he too was shocked. On this, some students studying in the student's class went ahead to intervene, but even before they arrived, Aryan took out some sharp-edged thing and made two strong blows on the head of the student. The student's head started bleeding. Seeing the blood, the student and her friends started screaming. Many students also ran towards them shouting. That created a ruckus for a while. After this case, the attacker did not delay the escape. He then escaped with his partner.

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When I asked the student about this, he told me that I was coming out with my friends after getting leave. Suddenly I saw the Aryan in front of the gate. He quickly moved towards me. I thought he must have come to meet someone else. Then I started talking to my friends. But Aryan came in front of us. And as soon as I raised my eyes, he slapped me. I got annoyed. I started feeling pain. My friends too could not understand anything.

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