Subodh Su2: Latest sensation in the musical world

Subodh Waghmare Aka Subodh Su2 is earning the love and admiration of people across the globe with his amazing songs and music. He is a Dj and music producer and comes from Maharashtra, India. His determination and hard work have earned him a famous spot in the music industry. People find his songs relatable and groovy and thus go ‘Gaga’ over his albums!

He has achieved countless milestones in the past years only because of his hard work and passion. He recently gained a virtual family of more than 740k+ subscribers on YouTube! He has posted the music which is going viral and trends in Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. as well which the audience absolutely loved and showed tremendous support. He keeps publishing creative and quirky content across various online platforms.

He created a terrific song called ‘Satya’ which is a mix of all the famous dialogues from the movie Satya and especially Manoj Bajpayee’s lines in the song will definitely give goosebumps. India's top DJ and Music producer; Nucleya appreciated Subodh Su2 for his great work and encouraged him to grow even more in the coming years! Apart from Nucleya, many big YouTubers have also given a thumbs up to Subodh’s work.

His most viewed song {dialogue mix} on YouTube is “Sanju Baba” which has a whopping 46 million views. We all love that song, right? If you haven't heard it yet, check it out immediately.

Another song ‘Lite Flow' is becoming viral internationally and is especially loved and appreciated in Russia and Turkey. It is safe to say that it will be a global hit very soon!

He has recently released a song caller ‘Monkey Terror’ and people can’t stop praising it. It is a beautiful mix of EDM and chill and is apt to get any mood buzzing! His songs are not only limited to Youtube but you can also listen to them on JioSaavn, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and many more.

We hope that Subodh keeps growing in the near future and releases multiple famous hits.

If you are not following this amazing and talented guy, you are missing out on the trend. Save yourself from 'FOMO' [fear of missing out] and go check out Subodh Su2 on below given links:

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