Sudarsan Pattnaik posts picture of sand art on occasion of Shrawan
Sudarsan Pattnaik posts picture of sand art on occasion of Shrawan

The holy month of Shravan has begun and the devotees of Shiva cannot wait to soak in his love blessings. According to the Hindu Calender, the Shravan falls during the period of July and August.

The devotees of Shiva pray to him and Adishakti Parvati. It is believed that if you worship Shiva during this period, with pure intentions, Shiva blesses you with the accomplishment of your purpose.

Everybody has a different way to express their devotion towards Shiva. A lot of people observe fasting during the period. The renowned sand artist, Sudarsan Pattnaik, posted a picture of his sand art that he created on the occasion of the beginning of Shrawan. He posted the picture, with a caption, “May #LordShiva help all of us reach the ultimate. Today is #FirstMondayOfShravan, My SandArt at Bhubaneswar airport with message Omm Namah Shivaya.”

As per the recent news, it has been informed that in the Sambhal area of the country, the Devotees of Shiva visit the Pataleshwar Temple and offer brooms to the Shiv Linga. It is believed that Shiva sweeps away all the diseases from the family that offers brooms in the temple.  

We wish each one a very happy and peaceful Shrawan.

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