Rain of money here, crowd of people gathered to loot
Rain of money here, crowd of people gathered to loot

A surprising incident has come to light from China where a family rained a lot of money on their child's birthday. Standing on the balcony of the house, they threw notes worth lakhs of rupees. Seeing the rain of notes, there was a competition among the people standing below to loot them. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. Users are giving various types of feedback on this. 

According to the news received, recently a family in Anhui province of East China organized a party for the birthday of their 16-year-old child. In this party, they invited friends, relatives as well as people from nearby. When all the people gathered in the lawn of the house, only then the family members started raining notes from the balcony. It is being said that the family had squandered 20,000 yuan (more than Rs 2 lakh 40 thousand). Family members were seen on the balcony with wads of currency. Some people were standing holding plastic tubs in their hands. These tubs were full of notes. A crowd of people had gathered below. They were trying to catch the notes falling from above. 

Whoever saw the rain of notes was surprised. A man named Yang said that I had had surgery, so I did not go to pick up the money, as I could get hurt in the crowd. The video showed family members standing near the railing of the terrace of the first floor. The debate started on social media regarding this video. Many Chinese users said that this is not our culture. One person wrote – If money had to be given, it would have been given in a respectable manner. Similarly, people have made different comments.

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