If you also have the rashes after waxing, then try this

Aug 18 2019 02:16 PM
If you also have the rashes after waxing, then try this

Do you get rashes and rashes after waxing?  In this case, you should do sugaring. Beauty experts say the same. If you don't know how to know about sugaring, you know how it's beneficial for your skin.

What is sugaring?
Sugaring is a natural way of waxing. People suffering from problems like ingrown hair and rashes can do sugaring instead of waxing to remove unwanted hair. Waxing strips are not used in sugaring. The sugar paste is used in the opposite direction of hair growth and release it from your skin in a special way and release the hair. This paste is made from a mixture of lemon, sugar, and water which is safe for use in any part of the body.

There is no infection - a paste shell is made in the sugaring and the process is carried out with the help of the same. While the mixture is frequently heated in waxing, it is used for different people. The sugar ball is rounded and removed from the skin, so the hair is cleaned and concealed and thus does not spread bacteria or infections.

There is no rash - sugaring does not cause redness or rashes on your skin as it does not pull the hair out. Also, the use of natural elements does not cause skin irritation.

Paste does not stick to the skin - Wax and stains sticking to the skin after waxing also become a source of trouble for you. But this doesn't happen in sugaring. It also clears the water easily and does not stick the skin. Even if it remains on the skin, it can be wiped out with hot water and towels.

Good results- Being natural and also sugaring results are quite good. Where hair can break on the surface of the skin in waxing. In sugaring, hair sits out of follicles and this causes them to grow again. Waxing often does not have very short hairs and new hairs appear during 4-5 days of treatment, but this is not the case with sugaring.

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