Here's why married women wear silver anklets, Know scientific and spiritual reasons

Silver anklets and nettles are the favorite jewels of Indian women. Apart from this, all women wear it, especially after marriage. In such a situation, have you ever wondered why after marriage, women are made of silver anklets and nettles? There are not only traditional beliefs behind this, although there are some scientific reasons as well.

Positive energy
Most Hindu women wear anklets in their legs after marriage. There is traditional importance to wearing it but there is a scientific reason as well. When women wear anklets, positive energy is generated by the sound emanating from their curls. In such a situation, these anklets eliminate the negative energy inside you. After wearing it, your mind thinks only in positive direction. For your information, let us know that the voice emanating from Payal's ghunghras is also called purchasing power. In the same way, this power acts as a protective shield for the well-off women and also protects them from evil eyes.

Strong bones
It is believed that when a woman wears anklets, it also makes her bones strong. In fact, when anklets are repeatedly rubbed against the skin of a woman's feet, they also make her bones strong. Another belief is that wearing anklets reduces the chance of swelling in the legs of the merid women.

Improve health
A spiritual belief about Payal is also very popular. According to this, wearing an anklet improves a woman's health. There is also a view that silver anklets work to cool the body.

Conception capacity
Wearing anklets also makes the work of acupressure. This anklet works to keep your nervous system and muscles stable. It is said that the legs of the feet exert pressure on a particular vein, which causes uniform blood circulation in the uterus. In this way, women are easy to conceive. That is, these silver beds also increase the conception capacity of women.

Vaastu Shaastra
According to Vastu Shastra, even the sounds emanating from the anklets of Payal are auspicious for your house. This not only increases the positive energy of the house, but the divine powers also come to your home after being attracted by this voice. In this way, these graves and nettles are beneficial for the progress and benefit of the house.

Benefits in monthly cycle
Wearing stole bedding keeps blood pressure under control, so it also helps to keep your menstrual cycle regular. It is believed that the nettle plays an important role in arranging the rivers from the soles to the navel. In this work, fish-shaped sheepers are the best. The reason for this is that the shape of the fish is round and slightly pointed in the middle. Due to this, blood circulation becomes good.

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