Sunny had this problem while shooting an intimate scene

Jun 01 2020 12:00 PM
Sunny had this problem while shooting an intimate scene

Sunny Leone, known for her strong style in Bollywood, has recently told something that you will be surprised. Sunny recently said that "When she shoots intimate scenes in Bollywood films, she is not comfortable at all." During an interaction with a famous website, Sunny said, "When Intimate scenes are shot, there are 50-100 people around you who don't do anything, just stare at you by drinking tea." Sunny also talked about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.


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He said, "Shah Rukh's personality is very charming and Salman is very generous." Sunny Leone has gone from India a few days ago and she herself gave information about it on social media. In the past, Sunny had shared a photo with the children and wrote, 'When you have children in your life, your priorities change. Me and Daniel have come with our children where our children are protected from the coronavirus and that is our home in Los Angeles. I know my mother would do the same."

Simultaneously, Sunny had a prank with husband Daniel Weber. In that video, Sunny had stuck her finger backwards with the help of tape and dropped the red watercolour on a piece of banana. She held a knife in her hand and scared Daniel. It seemed as if Sunny's finger had really been cut. After watching this scene, Daniel's senses flew away and he does not understand what to do. Sunny later laughs and Daniel realizes that it was a prank.

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