Sunny Leone overtakes Salman-Shahrukh and PM Modi in this work!

Aug 13 2019 04:38 PM
Sunny Leone overtakes Salman-Shahrukh and PM Modi in this work!

Google searches every day and every second. Similarly, among the most searched celebrities in Google search in India till the first week of August this year were Prime Minister Narendra Modi, superstar Salman Khan and Sunny Leon along with Shah Rukh Khan. Surprisingly, Sunny Leone still remains on top, leaving all of them behind. Then let's know who has achieved what position.

Sunny Leone looked something like this at the age of 16, photos went viral!

In fact, according to Google Trends Analytics, most searches related to Sunny Leone are related to their videos. People have also found their biopic series. She was most searched in the North-Eastern states like Manipur and Assam. "My team informed me of this and I would like to give credit to my fans who have always stood up for me," says Sunny Leone, who has always stood on top. "It's a fantastic feeling.'' The funny thing is that last year too Sunny was on top.

Sunny Leon's children paint, the star praises them delightfully!

Sunny's husband Daniel Weber has also reacted when Sunny's Google search came to the top. "No, no India climate change and water shortage are more important issues," he wrote. In fact, the coverage states that India is more unaffordable than issues like water scarcity and climate change. For two consecutive years, Sunny Leone has been at the top of Google's search.

Sunny Leone shared a picture with her husband, captioned it in this way!

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