Surat international airport to join other ‘silent airports’, no announcement

Gujarat: Surat International Airport is soon to be included in the list of other silent airports across the country. In fact, official sources say that Surat Airport will not have boarding placements from January 15. According to sources, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are silent airports, and there is no announcement for boarding.

All airlines report any changes in the time, baggage delivery belts through SMS. Further, the boarding gate will be changed. At present, Surat Airport director Aman Saini has said, "The decision to make Surat Airport a silent airport has been taken after consultation with all stakeholders.''

He further said, "Surat Airport is going to be included in the list of silent airports after Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi. Their homologous announcements are going to be confined to flight delays, cancellation, gate change, loss of important documents, or safety awareness."

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