Surat: 6 arrested for black-marketing of Remdesivir

Apr 18 2021 09:58 AM
Surat: 6 arrested for black-marketing of Remdesivir

Surat: There has been an outcry over the need for Remdesivir injection required for covid patients in Surat, Gujarat. People are sitting on the street overnight to get this injection. On the other hand, Remdacivir injections of 899 rupees are being sold for 12 thousand rupees. Recently, 6 people who are doing black marketing have been arrested by Surat Crime Branch. According to the information received, the police busted this black marketing gang on the basis of secret information. Along with this, 3 people have been arrested in Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, on the charge of black marketing of Remdesivir injection.

According to the information received, Surat Crime Branch has arrested all these accused who made the disaster an opportunity to earn money. It has been reported that Ramdevivir injection, which is called life-saving for covid patients, which is worth Rs 899, has been arrested red-handed, who are doing black marketing. At present, there seems to be a severe shortage of Remdesivir injections, which is the most necessary for serious patients among the growing corona in Surat.

Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar has told about this. Ajay Tomar says, 'Due to lack of injection, there is black marketing of injections. The police were already anticipating this. Some people used to refuse in medical stores first and then sell in black'.

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