Ambulance sirens will no longer be heard in Ahmedabad
Ambulance sirens will no longer be heard in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: The rising figures of corona infection have made everyone nervous. In this case, most of the corona hospitals in Ahmedabad have been filled. At the same time, an ambulance siren is heard 24 hours on the streets of Ahmedabad. Not only this, people's heart rate increases whenever the siren of the ambulance rings during the night curfew. Because of this, a big decision has been taken now. In fact, now the Gujarat government has issued an order to put the ambulance siren on silent mode during the night curfew.

Let us also tell you that to curb the corona in Gujarat, night curfew is applicable in 20 cities of the state. Because of this, the government has instructed that if the driver of the ambulance is not facing the problem of traffic during the night curfew then the siren should be silenced. Let us also tell all of you that for the last few days in Gujarat, 7 to 8 thousand daily cases of corona are coming out every day. In such a situation, the condition of Ahmedabad and Surat is getting worse every day.

Now the government believes that there is no traffic on the roads during the curfew from 8 am to 6 am. Now in such a situation, the siren of 108 ambulances creates restlessness in a quiet environment. Not only this but after hearing the sound of siren, the problem of the people increases. Because of this, the Gujarat government has ordered private ambulances, including 108 ambulances, not to play sirens during the night curfew.

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