Facts about the Jagannath Yatra, you would be surprised to know

Jul 11 2018 11:29 AM
Facts about the Jagannath Yatra, you would be surprised to know

The Jagannath Yatra is full of fascinating rituals that people enjoy being a part of.

Have a look on some of the facts regarding the Jagannath Yatra that would leave you in utter surprise.

1. Legacy of the Jagannath Yatra:

There are specific families who have been assigned the task of making the chariots. Only the descendents of those families can participate in the process of constructing the Chariot.

2. The King's service:

The Chariots after their construction are swept using a golden broom by none other than the 'king of Puri'. Only after the King has offered his service to the Lord, does the Chariot move.

3. The Dahuka Boli:

The Lord is served by a section of the sociesty called the Dahuka. They sing rhyming poems in the service of the lord. The poems discuss fertility and the cycle of life and has certain words that are not very commonly used in public. The tradition was banned in 1995 but later resumed its practice. Well, it has become quite rare in the tradition.

4. The Biggest Kitchen of the world:

The woods used in the Chariots are later used to prepare food in the kitchen which can cook for 1 lakh people at a time. It is considered to be the biggest kitchen in the world.

5. The Juggernaut:

During the British reign, when the saw the huge Chariots, they were surprised and invented the name Juggernaut, after the Jagannath, that according to the english vocabulary means, something very big or giant.

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