Surveen Chawla revealed her experience of Casting Couch
Surveen Chawla revealed her experience of Casting Couch

Many actors-actresses of Bollywood has faced Casting couch. Some admits it while some not. In beg of good role in movie or get the role in movie, actors are demanded casting couch. Big actors like Ranveer Singh, Tisca Chopra etc had faced the term  “compromise” in past to get grand opportunity in the film.

Now Surveen Chawla has revealed the fact that she in past asked for compromise to get the role. This is very bad to hear about that actors in return asked to compromise to prove their talent of acting in films.
Recently Surveen Chawla about offer of compromise for a big role.

She said, “I was propositioned, though luckily I had the strength to turn down the offer to be ‘nice’ to the director even if it meant losing a plum role.” She had such nasty offer not from Bollywood but from south film industry, “I guess I’ve been lucky to meet the right kind of people in Bollywood. I’ve never faced such sleazy offers in the Hindi film industry. Maybe I’ve been smart in my dealings, making sure no one gets the wrong signal. This happened in Tamil cinema where I had already auditioned and bagged an important role. This was a very big film and a very important director, who couldn’t speak Hindi. So can you believe the man’s audacity! The director had his friend call and make the offer for me to sleep with the director. The friend told me it would only be until the film was made. I said, thanks but no thanks,” added the actress.

The Hate Story girl also feels and says she will never compromise for a role, “I don’t know if my screen image makes me look like an easy target. But I have to say, I was offered a whole lot of supposedly bold and sexy roles after I did Hate Story 2. This industry slots and tags you. I guess it was the reputation of the franchise. I did nothing hot or sleazy in the film. There was a lot of sex in the first and the third part. But mine was a revenge story. And yet, after Hate Story I was flooded with cheesy, salacious roles. I was labelled bold. I could have given in to the temptation of doing these roles. It was money that I urgently needed to live in Mumbai.

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