Chant these mantras of Lord Sun today, every wish will be fulfilled

Today is Sunday and today is a very dear day to Lord Sun. It is said that Lord Sun is the soul of the world. Life from this earth is from the sun. This is what is called the universal truth. The sun is also considered to be the doer of the world. The sun has an important place for the gods of Rigveda. In the Suryapanishad, the sun is the only reason for the origin of the whole world. It is customary that if a man worships The Sun God on Sundays, all his wishes are fulfilled. By worshipping The Sun God with the law, the lord's grace is maintained everywhere on the person.

If some mantras are chanted on Sundays, the Sun God is happy. While worshipping Lord Sun, one must recite his aarti and Chalisa. At the same time, one must recite the Aditya Hriday Stotra. The Sun God should be worshipped every Sunday and the Sun Mantra should be chanted 108 times. This fulfils all the desires of man. In this article, we are giving you information about some sun mantras that you can chant at the time of Surya Pujan. Keep in mind that they should be pronounced very accurately. Let's read the Sun Mantra:

Mantras of Lord Sun:-

1- Om Ghrihn Surya: Aditya:
2- Om Hirin Suryaya Sahasrakiranrai Manachaya Phalam Dehi Dehi Swaha.
3- Om Ahi Surya Sahasranshon Tejo Rashe Jagatpate, Anukmayaman Bhakti, Gharanarghaya Diwakar:
4- Om Hirin Ghrini: Surya Aditya: Clen Om.
5- Om Hirin Suryaya Namah.
6- Om Suryaya Namah.
7- Om Ghruni Suryaya Namah.

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